First, thanks for purchasing Wake Up! I use it every day and I hope you’ll like it as much as I do. If you ever have any comments or questions about it, send me an email to [email protected].

Wake Up is designed to be the last app you open before going to sleep and must be open all night to work. This requirement is due to limitations in iOS. I leave it plugged into its charger and face down on my nightstand each night.

The app has 4 screens which I will describe now.

Main Screen

The main screen of Wake Up lets you control the time the alarm will go off, the playlist that will be played once the alarm goes off, and whether the device is playing through AirPlay. It also has a button to set the alarm and another to access other app settings. I’ll go over how each of these work now.

Setting the Time

Set the time by tapping it. A keyboard will be shown that will allow you to type in the time you want to wake up.

When setting the time the AM/PM is set automatically for you, based upon the next time within 12 hours. For example, if you set the alarm for 6:00 at 4 in the afternoon, the app will choose 6 PM. If you set the alarm for 6:00 at 9 at night then the app will choose 6 AM.

I’ve intentionally designed Wake Up to automatically choose AM/PM for two reasons. First, I’ve run into the issue where I choose the wrong AM/PM and my alarm doesn’t go off when I need it to. I want to avoid that problem as much as I can. Second, I want the app to give a subtle indication that it must be opened right before going to sleep due to limitations in iOS.

Setting the Playlist

Tap on “choose playlist…” to see a list of your playlists. Tap on the playlist you want to wake up to.

Once you’ve chosen a playlist you can tap on the playlist name to set a different playlist.

Setting Up AirPlay

Tap on the AirPlay button at the bottom right corner of the screen to change the AirPlay setting. If AirPlay is going to a speaker other than your device’s then the AirPlay button will be a light blue color.

Setting the Alarm

Tap the “set alarm” button to set the alarm. The app will change to the sleep screen, which is described below.

Accessing Settings

The settings button is the button at the bottom center of the screen and looks like a gear.

Tapping or sliding your finger up on the settings button will open up the settings screen, which is described below.

Sleep Screen

The sleep screen is shown after setting the alarm. The primary purpose of the screen is to be as dark as possible so as to not light up your bedroom too much. The secondary purpose is to display information you might want to know, in particular the current time and the alarm time. You can toggle between a blank screen, your alarm time, and the current time by simply tapping on the screen.

You can also cancel the alarm from the sleep screen. To cancel the alarm slide up on the cancel button which is at the bottom center of the screen and looks like an alarm clock with a diagonal line through it.

Alarm Screen

When it is time for your alarm to go off the app will show the alarm screen. The alarm screen shows the current time and has a button to snooze the alarm and a button to cancel the alarm.

The snooze button will snooze the alarm for the amount of time you have set on the settings screen, which by default is 9 minutes. After tapping the button the sleep screen will be shown again for the length of the snooze time.

To cancel the alarm slide up on the cancel button which is at the bottom center of the screen and looks like an alarm clock with a diagonal line through it.

Settings Screen

The settings screen lets you change settings that you won’t want to change as often as the alarm time and playlist. These settings are the snooze time, the amount of time to play music while you are falling asleep, the playlist to play while falling asleep, and whether to shuffle the songs in your playlist. I’ll describe each of those options now.

Snooze Time

The snooze time is how long you want the alarm to wait after tapping the snooze button on the alarm screen.

Sleep Playlist Time

The sleep playlist time is the amount of time that Wake Up will play music after setting the alarm on the main screen.

Sleep Playlist

The sleep playlist is the playlist that will play after setting the alarm on the main screen when you have a sleep playlist time set. Choose the sleep playlist by tapping on the lighter colored word “MUSIC” which will show you your playlists and allow you to choose which one you want. After you’ve chosen a sleep playlist the word “MUSIC” will be replaced by the beginning of the playlist name and can still be tapped to change the playlist.


Shuffle determines whether your playlist will be played in the order you created it or in a random order.