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Dharma Talks

Dharma Talks App Image The Dharma Talks app allows you to simply and easily listen to Mission Dharma’s Dharma Talks on your iOS device.

The app stores the Dharma talks on your device – so you can listen to them anywhere – and keeps track of where you are in the talk if you stop it.

Find Dharma Talks for free in the iOS App Store.


Track is an open-source, browser-based time tracking tool that I’ve created to solve the problems I see with most time tracking. The application only runs on your local machine in your browser and doesn’t need to connect to a web server.

Track’s interface is similar to a very pared down chat application. You type in what you are doing, and Track saves that information along with the current timestamp. When you change tasks, you type in the new task and Track saves it again. This allows you to think about what you are doing rather than how long you are doing it – perfect for people that want to get things done rather than fiddle with their timekeeping.

You can find the Track repository on GitHub.

Write, Powered By Magneto

Write, Powered By Magneto is an iOS application that I use to write my blog posts. It is not anywhere near complete and has a few bugs that I know about and will be fixing soon. But to me, it is the easiest way to post to Magneto, the static site blogging engine created by Don Melton.

Since Magneto is a static site generator which parses ruby templates and markdown files to create html pages, Write’s functionality is limited. It uses Dropbox to modify the markdown files in the particular way that Magneto has them setup and moves drafts to the proper “live” location when posting them, but unless you have Magneto running on your web server then you will still need to deploy them manually from your computer.

You can find the Write repository on GitHub.