When running a long distance your pace is important. Too fast and you’ll wear yourself out early and not finish. Too slow and you won’t get the time you want. Your pace is strongly influenced by your fellow runners because we’re highly social creatures and therefore influenced by those around us in subtle ways.

Having the right person next to you during that run is a great help. She can help you keep your pace when you feel like slowing down. But the right person can be hard to find because you need someone with the same optimal pace as you.

Pacing is everywhere in our lives. Some of it is rigidly set, such as the pace at which you progress through schooling or get promotions in the military. But most of it is a strange balance between your discretion and the pressures around you. You may enjoy taking your time to eat breakfast but if you need to do that plus get ready plus get the kids to school then you don’t get full control over the pace.

Over the past couple of years I’ve come to realize how important pacing is in business. We want a certain pace for our company but outside pressures keep encouraging us to speed up. The whole world seems to be moving faster, in turn increasing the pace and moving faster and increasing the pace in an ever-quickening cycle.

Those speeds are not sustainable. We need to focus on slowing down and running our own race rather than that if the person next to us.

Brisk, determined, and ready for the distance.