Like you I make a lot of assumptions. I’m especially bad when dealing with people because I’m not good at it so I have to try extra hard and I don’t always have the energy for that. One assumption I’ve been making lately is that other people know my process for building things. This process is obvious to me, of course, so everyone else must know too, right? This assumption leads me to the conclusion that people are being intentional incompetent rather than the truth which is that I just haven’t explained things well. Or at all.

So the point is that you can’t expect your customers to willingly go out of their way to research and learn everything about you and what you do. You have to go to them repeatedly and just a little bit at a time guide them towards what you need them to know. Otherwise you’ll get caught up in a situation where it seems like everyone is speaking a different language, people will get angry, and projects will fail.