We started out our business with the broad idea of helping other small businesses and non-profits with their technology needs. People would ask us exactly what that meant and we didn’t really have an answer – it meant everything. If you had something you needed that even barely intersected with technology then we’d handle it. I think this was the right strategy early on for a few reasons. First, it is hard for a small company to find work and the more we offered to do the bigger the pool of potential work. We probably wouldn’t have made it this long without that pool. Second, it has allowed us to see what our target market needs and therefore how much work of different types is available. Third, it has given us the opportunity to try things and see what we like and don’t like. Combined with knowing what kinds of work is out there, this allows us to decide to do the things we are best at and enjoy doing the most (those two seem to go hand in hand.)

Start broad and narrow over time. You don’t have enough information to be narrow at the start.