Brandy and I have been discussing the idea of hiring someone else to contribute to our company’s software building. We’re just throwing around ideas right now but all the talk is hypothetical since neither of us know whether we want to deal with having to manage other people and we also don’t know if we have enough work to guarantee an income for someone else – some months we are still barely scraping by ourselves.

The most important question to us is regarding what qualifications this person should have. I want someone who can either do everything I can do or is willing and able to learn. Brandy thinks that we could have someone with a smaller skillset that contributes mostly in maintenance roles, at least at the beginning. We still haven’t come to a solid agreement on that.

We have agreed on one thing that most people would probably not expect. We want this person to have experience waiting tables. Funny, huh? The qualification we can both agree on for someone who builds software is that they have experience that has no relation to computers at all.