I’ve had a bad time of creating estimates for projects the last year. Everything seems to take longer than I expected as I have to learn something new or hit an unexpected roadblock. The good news in that is that I’m learning what aspects of a project cause it to take longer to build.

Today I realized two more of those aspects: animation and functionality that requires a lot of resources and therefore efficiency.

Animation takes extra time because it has to be just right and I can’t get that without many iterations of watching the movement and comparing it to the previous iterations. That process takes time.

Anything that requires a lot of resources needs to be efficient in order to run well on every device. The problem is when the code you’ve written is as efficient as it can be and you have to start figuring out tricks to make further improvements. Like animation this is an iterative and time consuming process as you make a change, benchmark and compare it to the previous iteration, and so on.

So I’ve figured out that these things take extra time but I still don’t have a good idea of how much extra time that is. Still working on that.