I’ve noticed a quirk in the way my brain works when I’m writing code. What I’ll do is name a variable something different than what it is or print something to the console that says the wrong thing. So I’ll print “banana is changing” when in actuality the code has apple changing and try to remember in my head that in fact it is not banana that is changing each time I read the message. My memory fails in this situation on a regular basis. I’ll confuse myself and start debugging my code to figure out why banana is changing when it should be apple. My mind has a glitch in the way it processes the things I read – what I see overrides what I know.

I don’t think my glitch is unique. If you’d please I’d like you to try an experiment. Write something down on a piece of paper that is false, maybe something like “today is Tuesday” on a day other than Tuesday. Put the paper somewhere you’ll see it often and let me know how often you think it is Tuesday when it isn’t.