I’ve recently noticed that I don’t always noticed the flaws in a product. Generally I feel I’m better at noticing the problems in something I make than something that someone else does which I guess isn’t a bad thing. But lately it felt like everyone was complaining about the Apple Watch and its failures and the entire time I was thinking “it isn’t so bad.”

Now for a normal person it probably isn’t so bad that I don’t complain about the Apple Watch or even really notice it’s shortcomings. Obviously I don’t have any control over their design direction so in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter what I think. But I’m an entrepreneur, a technology entrepreneur, and I feel like I might be missing out on opportunities by not paying attention to what is wrong in the things I use.

In watchOS 3 Apple has made huge improvements to the usability of the Apple Watch because they noticed the problems with it. That’s their job. I need to notice those same things, even if I can’t control them. I need to know the good from bad.