Not too long ago most people only had crappy cameras that were difficult to use, had poor viewfinders that made it hard to know exactly what you were taking a picture of, and required careful handling of the film and a trip to the pharmacy to get the pictures developed. Now many more people have an amazing camera in their pocket with a 4 inch viewfinder so they know exactly what they’re taking a picture of and no requirement to handle the pictures carefully or take them to someone else before you can have them. Amazing things will come out of this as photography is brought to everyone.

Not too long ago the only way other people would read your writing was when you wrote a book or got published in a magazine or journal. Book publishers and magazine editors were the gatekeepers who decided what got in and what got cut. Now anyone with an internet connection can share their writing with everyone in the world for free or very cheap. The possibilities for expressing yourself are limitless and at your fingertips and amazing things will come out of this as everyone is given a voice.