When I know my bank account is low I don’t like checking it. Obviously not checking it doesn’t make my bills go away or more money magically appear. But it makes me feel better emotionally. I don’t have to deal with the burden of knowing how little I have at that moment – I get to postpone it to another day. I’m hiding the truth from myself.

I do something similar with estimating how long projects will take and how much time I have available for them. I choose not to look at my schedule because it is so packed that I can’t possibly get everything done in the time I’ve promised. I hide from that truth and that hurt my business and me.

Hiding from the truth doesn’t change it. Hiding is a crutch. Sometimes you need it when recovering from a broken leg. But usually you don’t need that crutch and instead you need to face reality and do what you can about it. Facing it means you can make better decisions and prepare yourself for a future with less hiding.