Looking back over the past year and a little more I cannot imagine starting this company on my own. Every day I learn more about my strengths and weaknesses and figure out I’m not as strong in some areas as I once thought. Fortunately, my business partner and girlfriend complements my strengths with her own and we have little overlap between the two. She’s great at things I’m not and vice versa.

Here’s a great example that isn’t business related, instead it is survival related (which obviously overlaps business at least a bit). I am awful at seeing dangerous patterns or shapes that aren’t moving. I know this because Brandy and I used to go walking on a trail that frequently had copperheads laying across it. I never was able to spot those snakes before she did and a couple of times I was walking too close to them before she pointed them out. That’s definitely my weakness and her strength. But if something is moving I spot it far more quickly than she does. So if something is lying in wait for us she sees it and if something is pursuing us then I’ll see it.

That’s a pretty good balance.