Yesterday I read a blog post about Warren Buffet’s rumored method for scheduling appointments. The author finished the story in a way that got under my skin:

I’m sure many people will say “well, he’s Warren Buffet so he can do that”. Yes he’s Warren Buffet, but no one granted him the power to do that or say that. He decided that.

It got under my skin for a couple of reasons. First, because it really does matter that he is Warren Buffet. When you are a billionaire you have much more flexibility over your schedule. I work in consulting and can’t imagine telling my clients that they need to call me the day before a meeting to schedule it. Because I’m not Warren Buffet I’m not in the position to dictate terms to others.

The other reason it got under my skin is that it implicitly states “if you want to be successful like Warren Buffet then you should do this.” But we don’t know if this is a key component of his success. It could be that he got successful and then started doing this because he could at that point.