It doesn’t take long for something new and amazing to become ordinary or boring. It doesn’t lose its amazing qualities, we just get used to them. So many things about this world are amazing that it can be overwhelming. I’m tempted to say “we should slow everything down”, thinking that we need time to absorb what we have already. In some ways that slowing down is the natural order – when our children are young they have many amazing “first times” in rapid succession. As they grow older, these events become less frequent and when our kids are mature they nearly cease.

We see this in new technology too. When the smartphone was young it was changing rapidly, every few months. But as smartphones nature we see fewer changes and things almost get boring. They’re all grown up. Which is perfect, because they slow down and let everyone catch up.

Our next round of excitement won’t come from smartphones – it will come from something just being born and full of possibility. And soon we’ll want it to slow down so we can catch up.