I wrote a cover letter for a job application last night and marveled at how easy it was. I remember earlier in my career when I would agonize over the process. I think the biggest difference today is that I have a lot more experience and therefore more to say. I was able to say that I’ve started my own company, that I’m a member of Denton’s tech community, and that I’m teaching iOS. I had a story to tell because I’ve lived a story.

Part of the reason that I can tell a story is that I’m in my mid-30s and I’ve lived much more life than I had a decade ago. But the main reason I have this story is because I’ve gotten involved in the community and I’ve come across opportunities I’d never have gotten otherwise.

Of course I’ve also been writing daily so maybe that practice is why writing this cover letter came so easily. Like so many things, it is a combination of factors and the more you can put together, the better.