The first couple of years I was making software I didn’t care about performance – about how fast it ran. I was too busy learning how to build anything to worry about building something quick. I also came into programming with the thought that computers are fast enough to fly through any code I send at them. That’s true for simple applications. But I’ve been fortune to have multiple opportunities to learn good lessons about performance. My projects got bigger and more complicated and the servers I was given to work with were 10-15 years old and they were slow and memory constrained

I’m glad I was given that situation and glad that I’ve grown. Now I see speed as a must-have feature in any application I create. Because of that I prefer tools that help me build performant applications. I shy away from frameworks and generic solutions because they add more overhead than I’d like. They have to solve more problems than I have and solving those problems slows things down. So I’ll build a static website instead of using a CMS if I can solve every problem I’m trying to solve while doing it. For this same reason I prefer to build native applications instead of using frameworks that might be easier for me but could be slower.

Speed matters – probably more than you think.