I’m not a health professional but I believe that our greatest health problem over the next 20 years is our lack of movement. Whether we are sitting at desk jobs, in the car or public transit on the way to work, or on our couch at night, we aren’t moving.

Our bodies need to move to function correctly – movement is inherent to their design. When we don’t move enough our bodily systems stop working properly. Our lymphatic system, which is responsible for carrying waste from tissues all over the body, stops moving and starts pooling up. Rather than being carrying away and out of the body our tissues sit right next to these toxins which is a bad thing.

Many will say that hope is lost. That once you’ve stopped moving and your body has become unhealthy that it is irreparably damaged. I don’t buy that. Our bodies are amazingly well equipped at healing themselves, we just have to set them up for success. Start moving more today, and move deliberately. When you move think about how your blood vessels and lymphatic system will be stimulated by your movement. Find something that moves your entire body and gets your blood pumping. Take your time, build yourself up slowly over time, and don’t over do it. Be consistent over a long time. That’s the secret to success and good health.