Visitors to your website, users of your app, and clients you’ve met with won’t remember the technical details of their interaction if they even notice them in the first place. They won’t remember that your website loaded quickly and had a good reading pattern and short lines of text that are easy to digest. They won’t remember that your app never hangs and does a great job of handling transitions so they never feel lost. They won’t remember that when you met with them you stood to shake their hand, looked them straight in the eyes, and greeted them with a smile.

They will remember how the interaction with you or your website or app made them feel.

All those details can make them feel better to a point. Past that point the technical details get in the way. A website or app focused 100% on usability will feel ugly and outdated. A client meeting based on perfect technical accuracy will feel hollow and inhuman.

Each website, app, and meeting needs a different balance – that’s the hard part.