I don’t say it enough here but it could apply to almost everything I write – your results may vary. Why should I say it more? As a cop out? As a way of saying “well it worked for me, you must have done something wrong?” No, neither of those.

Your results may vary because you aren’t me. If you’ve enjoyed reading his blog then you may be like me in someways, but we are different in millions of ways. My point in saying your results may vary is to encourage you to decide or find out if what I’m saying works for you or if you agree with me.

We are highly social creatures. Our social nature is part of the reason that we’ve been able to build everything we have so far. But it can also get in our way when our brain indicates to us that we should be like something we’re not. For example, yesterday someone came and spoke to our morning DCYP coffee group. She was talking about fitness and taking care of yourself and brought up needing to get enough sleep. She insisted that we need to try to a full 5 hours of sleep a night.

Part of my mind immediately felt bad for not conforming to that norm. I’ve tried 5 hours of sleep a night and found it didn’t work for me – I need 8 hours. And I’m sure she meant that you need at least 5 and that it is different for everyone, but I despite knowing that I still have internal dialogs back and forth about it. I want to conform to that identity.

So I have to talk myself out of that. I have to remind myself that we’re all different and that my identity doesn’t revolve around how much sleep I get. I can still be accepted if I get more than 5 hours.

I’m sure I’ve given similar impressions through my writing here that what I talk about is what has made me successful. But your results may vary and I’ll still accept you whether it works for you or not.