I woke this morning straight from a dream and thinking about two technologies I want to see in my lifetime.

This first technology is virtual reality similar to what you see in the movie The Matrix. I don’t like the idea of jamming a giant spike in the back of my head, but I do think that directly connecting with the brain for VR makes more sense than trying to go through the eyes. The eyes can only process a relatively small amount of data at once and VR that shows images ignores the other senses which are just as vital as sight to a sense of reality. The main reason I want to see this technology is for learning. Like in The Matrix, I think our brains could learn much more quickly without our sensory organs slowing it down.

The second technology is a non-intrusive, always-wearable device for monitoring brain activity at the synapse level. This device, which I image would fit around the head like a headband, would monitor the electrical signals moving through the brain. The main reason I want to see this technology is because my daughter has seizures and we don’t know why. We don’t have any way of knowing when a seizure will occur or what will trigger it and constant monitoring could help with this. Also, I see it helping people that don’t suffer from epilepsy because they could see what parts of their brain are active and react accordingly. If all the stress centers are firing then seeing that might be enough to push a person to change their lifestyle.

I don’t know how practical either of these technologies are and I doubt I could have any role in bringing them to reality. Maybe life will guide me in the direction where I get to see if I can.