When I started writing a blog post every day one of my biggest concerns is that I didn’t have anything original to say. I feared that every word I wrote would have been written better by someone else already. I feared that my words would therefore be boring and no one would be interested in them.

Recently I’ve been paying attention to some of my own behavior when reading blog posts and listening to podcasts and Dharma Talks. I’ve noticed that I don’t need novelty to find a topic interesting. What matters more is that it is a topic I’m interested in. And when I hear someone saying the same thing about a topic as I’ve heard elsewhere I don’t question their originality – instead I add their voice to any others I’ve heard with a similar viewpoint. What I don’t do is turn off a podcast saying “I’ve already heard this before.”

I’m saying this as much to myself as I am to you – share your ideas and opinions, even if you feel they are unoriginal.