A little while back I had a conversation where the other person said something to the effect of “What I’m saying isn’t subjective, it is first hand experience.” I responded by noting that first hand experience is entirely subjective and clouded by every bias we’ve picked up over the years.

I try not to trust my initial thought or feeling about something. I notice it and think about what could influence me to think that way. Are my biases getting in the way of my thoughts? Why do I feel the way I do? How would I feel if I’d lived through different experiences.

Generally I find that I’m able to be more open to new thoughts and ideas. And I’m less judgmental about thoughts that I disagree with because I know the person with those thoughts lived a different life and saw different things. In a way, she is living in a different world than I am. It would be unkind and rude of me to walk into her world and try to tear it down.