Every time I get a new Mac, or set one up for someone else, I make some tweaks that I think Apple should include by default. I only make a small number of tiny changes because I believe in keeping the machine as close to the way Apple delivered it as possible. I won’t be recommending software to install because that software would be particular to my need and not generally relevant.

Here are my recommended tweaks, in case any of them help you.

1) Create Application and Downloads folders in the Dock, make them display as folders, and open as a grid.

Applications folder in dock

To make these changes, open Finder and drag the Applications folder, that should be in your favorites list, down into the Dock on the right side next to the Trash. Then right click on it and make the options look like the screenshot below. Do the same thing with the Downloads folder.

Setting for Downloads Folder

2) Turn on tap to click on the trackpad for left click and two finger tap to click for right click.

You make these changes by going to System Preferences, then Trackpad.

Turning on tap to click

3) Turn on three finger drag on the trackpad. This lets you move thing around on the screen, like windows or files, without having to press down to click the trackpad.

You make this change in an unexpected place, Accessibility. Go to System Preferences, then Accessibility, then click the “Trackpad Options…” button, and enable dragging as shown in the screenshot below.

Turning on three finger drag

That’s it! Three simple things that make my Mac experience better.