If you’ve been reading my blog over the last year you may have thought something like “David sure does try a lot of different morning routines that don’t stick.” If so, you’d be very right. One of the most difficult things for me is finding a consistent rhythm. I doubt I’m alone in this as life is unpredictable. Getting sick or traveling or a time intensive project can throw off our rhythm.

Regardless of past failures, I’m trying a new routine but it might be better to call it a philosophy. My thought is that mornings are for doing things – for action. Shortly after you get up will be when your mind and body are least tired and they should perform at their best. My plan is to not waste that energy on consuming information or relaxing physical activity like deep stretches. Those can wait until the evening when my energy is spent.

I don’t know how long this routine will stick. I have some pretty strong habits that want me to read blog posts and social feeds in the morning. It will be interesting to find out.