A few years ago I was visiting San Francisco for Thanksgiving. I can’t remember if it was Thanksgiving day itself or the day after, but we wanted coffee. The place we were staying didn’t have a coffee maker so we had to go out but most places were closed.

We ended up walking about 10 to 15 minutes to Ritual Coffee because they were one of the few shops that was open. They had a line out the door. But the reason I’m sharing this story happened after we’d been waiting in that line for another 10 to 15 minutes. We’d made it inside the shop and I was able to witness the epitome of taking your time. The barista did not seem to care the line was out the door. He didn’t care that people were waiting and irritated. He slowly measured the espresso, carefully tamped it down and gently spun the tamper, and he made sure he was making the best cup of coffee he could.

That memory is at least a few years old but it had an impact on me. It is what I think of when I feel like I need to slow down and make the best thing I can.