While watching a Cowboys game a few weeks back we saw a play that just about defined the Cowboy’s season. It was during a punt, we were the kicking team, and the receiver didn’t catch the ball despite signaling for a fair catch. The ball was up for grabs by whichever team got to it first. It rolled around on the ground for a little bit and the receiver that dropped it was able to recover it. We didn’t even get close enough to fight for it.

We didn’t get close enough because our players weren’t running full speed. They assumed the ball would be caught and there was no point in putting in the effort to keep running. They couldn’t be bothered to push themselves to do things the right way. That little thing could easily lead to more points on the board.

That’s how the discipline to do the little things right pays off. It doesn’t create the lucky situation where the ball is dropped, but it does put you in a position to benefit from it.