I’ve never raced a car around a track, like F1 racing or that equivalent in road cars, but I’ve sat in some trainings and watched others do it. One thing the instructors consistently warned about was following the wrong path into a turn.

When racing cars, the proper path into a turn is critical. Getting it right means that you get to maintain as much of your speed as possible and also that you don’t fly off the track. Getting it wrong means a best case scenario of losing speed and a worse case scenario of losing control and running into something. The right path is dependent upon the car you are driving – how well its brakes work, the tires grip, and how heavy it is.

Due to how our brain works, we drive to where our eyes are looking. So if we are looking at the person in front of us we will drive towards them, or where they’ve been. Because we are focused on them we follow their path rather than our own. If they are in the exact same car as us, that might work out just fine. But if they aren’t then we are setting ourselves up for failure.

The key is to focus on the road, not the cars in front of or around you.