While watching football today the announcers described the importance of maintaining momentum in a game. The Miami Dolphins had strung together a scoring drive with a few good plays on their next possession. Then they were flagged for a couple penalties in a row and had to punt. They’d lost their rhythm and their momentum.

I think good leaders can push a team back into a rhythm and generate momentum. That’s probably a nearly impossible to track statistic that is the difference between the goods and the greats.

That importance of that trait isn’t unique to football or even sports. Leaders in business do the same thing. They dictate the rhythm for their industry and create momentum for their employees. And they do it despite all kind of setbacks, using patience and sheer determination to make it happen.

The best way to keep driving rhythm and momentum is to have a destination – somewhere you are trying to go. That requires a strong vision of what you want the future to be and the knowledge of how to change the present to get to that future.