Everyone loves that good story about a person beating the odds. A high school student that makes a popular app. A businessperson that succeeds wildly through minimal investment. Finding that one tweak that can improve performance by 300%.

Those are all great stories. But what are the odds it will happen to you? Obviously the odds are zero if you don’t try, right? Anything can happen, right? And yes, you should try, to a point.

But that point is not a life or business strategy. You can’t bet your company on finding that social media hack that gets you millions of followers and thousands of customers just like you can’t bet your life on that lottery ticket that will have you set for life.

Instead you create a strategy for success without any of that. And while following that strategy you put yourself in a position where those situations could happen.

Have a social media account where you share the awesome things you’re doing. But first make sure you are handling the fundamental step of doing awesome things. Don’t spend all your time on social media trying to force something that isn’t there because you aren’t putting in the work.

Go out and meet that genius high school student that can make your product revolutionary instead of great. But meet her while you are out volunteering or meeting people that are interested in your story and helping you succeed. Don’t spend all your time looking for her instead of moving forward with your plans.

Concentrate on making your thing the best thing possible and leave the one in a million things to themselves.