I’ve been looking forward to tonight. This is the first Halloween that has fallen on a weekend that my daughter stays with us and we have planned a Sesame Street costume theme – my daughter is Elmo, I am Cookie Monster, and my significant other is the Sesame Street sign post.

The big thing I’ve been looking forward to is seeing my daughter’s reaction to her and my costume. I wanted to be able to be both in the moment to experience it with her and also capture it to remember. Unfortunately those two goals don’t work very well together without hiring a professional photographer to document the occasion.

I wonder how this could be improved. Wearing a body camera is on potential option but it is unlikely you’ll get the exact shots you want. The new iPhones have a new feature that gets us closer. It records a second and a half before and after a picture so I can take a picture while saying something to my daughter and get her entire reaction. The beautiful thing about it is that you’re prepping for one particular moment, unlike in a video which doesn’t have a similar short window, and so you capture much more meaningful moving images than you would with video.

I still think it could be better but I’m not quite sure how yet.