I’m a type of person who doesn’t like letting others down. I hate the feeling of someone else being angry or upset with me and I do my best to avoid it. In general, wanting to please others is a good thing.

But I think I take it too far, and maybe you do too. I’m so quick to take fault in order to make the situation right again that I don’t think about the fact that the other person’s opinion isn’t an absolute truth. She could be having a bad day, or slept poorly the night before, or just a crank. That’s not my fault.

Like everything, I need to find a balance. I can’t arrogantly walk the earth thinking I can do no wrong. And I can’t sheepishly assume that I did something wrong when someone is upset with me.

Instead I take each situation and reflect upon it and maybe discuss it with people close to me. I make sure I think and act accordingly rather than simply reacting habitually.