I love music and I especially love rap music. I want to be a part of it and add to the hip hop landscape and I want to do that by making rap songs.

If you’ve seen me you’re probably laughing at me right now. I’m a straight laced, generally preppy looking, tall, skinny, white guy in his mid 30s. I don’t belong in hip hop. But I have this urge.

I’m going to put together a rap song eventually. I want it to be as good as Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness. It won’t be that good. It won’t even be as good as LL Cool J’s Deepest Bluest and I know it now and I’ll know it then but I won’t know how to make it better because I won’t have the proper taste yet.

But I’ll force myself to listen to it after a few weeks and I’ll hear the things that are wrong, the beats that are a little off and the timing of the lyrics being all wrong and everything else. Then I’ll make little changes, a few at a time.

After those changes I’ll once again wait a few weeks and let the song breathe on its own. I’ll listen again and notice different things that are off and try different ways to fix those things.

And little by little it will get better. Maybe if I try hard enough I’ll make it as good as that awful LL Cool J song.

I hope I can.