Given the right parameters or the proper number of asterisks you can always make a vague statement of superiority over your competitor.

Your biggest fans will love it and wield your statement against the rest of the world. Your biggest detractors will see through it but you can’t convince them anyways.

The question is what will it do to everyone in the middle? Does it not matter because the middle won’t pay attention? Or will the middle get excited by your statement, only to be let down by the asterisks and qualifications? Will the middle get tired of the roller coaster you build with an exciting high now only to be let down later. Hype with no substance.

I think that matching the hype to an announcement may be one of the most difficult things to do. Too little hype and no one pays attention because they don’t know about it. Too much hype and no one pays attention next time because they were bored.

If I can’t get it perfect and I have the choice, I’m going to aim low. I’ll aim for under-hyping. Because if I can’t get it right this time I sure as hell want a chance to get it right next time.