I think it is easy to forget how interrelated everything is. Take the parts of our body. It is easy to think that arm pain is due to an issue with our arm. Isolating the arm as its own separate system simplifies all concepts related to it and makes them easier to hold in our minds.

But that oversimplification causes us to ignore connected and related pieces. Our arm is connected to our spine is connected to our hips and so on. And each part of this chain influences all the others in ways that I think would be difficult to model, even with a powerful computer.

Fortunately for us, our brains are good at compiling all the information about our bodies and letting us know when something is off. The problem is that we’ve forgotten what it feels like when everything is running smoothly so we need to retrain ourselves – we need to show our bodies the right way to move and put ourselves into the right postures that setup the correct geometries so we know when things are off and we can correct early instead of after our body has found a way to work around the imbalance.

So how do we do that? I’m sure there are many ways that I haven’t tried. I bet the movements in yoga would work well. I can tell you what works for me is the exercises in Pete Egoscue’s book series called Pain Free. I’ve written about this book before and I can’t recommend it enough.