I have a thing I want to build and I’m not sure if it exists already and I’d be a little surprised if it didn’t. I came up with the idea because I follow a Twitter account, @DentonPolice, that posts pictures and a limited amount of information about people that have been arrested by my city’s police.

Following this account for a while it didn’t take too long to see that the tweets leave out the person’s race and I’d like to have that information so I can figure out what races are arrested for what crimes in our city. I thought it’d be interested.

So I came up with the idea of a visual database entry system, for lack of a better term. Here’s how it works:

1) User has data that includes a image of some sort – the image could be of a person or a horse or a document of some sort, doesn’t matter too much which. What matters is that that image contains information that can’t easily be put into a database and therefore can’t easily be used for analysis. 2) User defines the fields that she is interested in capturing, including both the fields she already has and the information she wants to get from the images. In the example from above, I’d define “Name,” “Crime,” and “Potential Race.” 3) User imports the data she already has, including all the images. 4) User is presented with each image in order and is able to fill in any missing information and easily go to the next image. 5) User can export data to CSV or access it through an API.

In addition to these steps, the entire application would be hosted online and open to crowdsourcing.

It seems like a simple concept and that’s why I’m thinking it already exists. Has anyone heard of something similar? I’d love to strike it off my todo list if so.