I’ve made a big mistake in a few of my apps. I’ve figured it out before but forgot the lesson along the way. I was reminded of it today when I noticed I had a 2 star review in the App Store. My Dharma Talks app wasn’t working right for one of my users, and she went to the App Store to try to get it fixed.

I don’t think most people know that leaving a review asking for help makes it very difficult for me to help her. Without the details of her specific situation I don’t know where to start troubleshooting and I’d never know if I fixed her problem. But she isn’t the one that failed by leaving a bad review, I am.

I don’t have an easy way for her to contact me inside the app. She has no idea who I am or how to reach me. And it isn’t her job to find out. It is my job to give her that easy way to reach me.

Don’t be a dummy like me. Give people an easy way to provide feedback to you – especially if you’re making something that could be broken due to a bug, or could be perceived to be broken due to a misunderstanding.