A few months ago I stopped using both of the alarm clock apps that I created. The one for Rdio broke due to a change they made in their API that I couldn’t respond to quickly enough. The one for music broke due to some combination of beta software on my phone and the debut of Apple Music. So I went back to the standard iOS alarm clock.

That alarm clock has one great advantage over either of mine – it doesn’t have to be set every night before bed. Not having to remember that was liberating sand I felt as though a burden was lifted off of me.

But the thrill didn’t last. That alarm clock lacks two features that both of mine have: playing a random song from a playlist and tracking the amount of sleep I’m getting.

I spent a chunk of time over the last week fixing my alarm clocks and making them better. Using them again instead of the built in alarm clock is a joy.

It is nice to know that while a little change was nice, I’ve made something that really does work better and brings me joy to use.