If you’re asking for something, make it as easy as possible on that person to say what you’d like them to say. This is particularly important in business emails. We all get too much email and, many times, if an email requires us to do more work then it will be left in our inbox “to do later.”

This can really stall what you’re working on, so do everything you can to provide any information that person may possibly need to make a decision. In addition to all the relevant facts, make it a multiple choice question. Format it all nicely for easy comprehension – if you are sharing information from a table make sure the columns are lined up properly and put lines around it.

The worst thing that can happen when you send someone an email asking for their decision is that they do not respond. Even getting the answer you don’t want is better because that means you can move forward. Do everything you can to avoid having your email slowly rot in their inbox.