The more I live, the more I realize that technical superiority is useless. By technical superiority I mean being extremely good at the details of the type of things you – a programmer who writes really nice code, a singer with an amazing voice, a writer who uses perfect grammar.

This technical superiority is useless because it doesn’t do anything to solve the problems that people need solved. Most people don’t listen to music to hear an amazing voice or read a book to see the proper usage of who and whom. They listen to music to be entertained and they read to either be entertained or to learn. Most people don’t care if the app they use has beautiful code behind it, they only care about whether it works for what they need it to do.

So I’d say that if you’re an artist – which I broadly classify as anyone that isn’t stuck doing the same thing every day – then you need to think about what you can do to solve people’s problems as much as you need to hone your craft.