I believe that in the short term different factors in the world can combine to create situations that don’t make sense and aren’t sustainable in the long term. I have a few of these situations in mind and might write about the topic more in the future, but right now I want to talk about free software.

Software is very expensive to create. The average software developer made $92,660 a year in 2013 according to US News. And the companies that are giving away free software have 10s, 100s, or even 1,000s of software developers.

So how can software be free?

I believe there are two reasons: 1) companies profit from free software by selling their users’ data and 2) money is very cheap to come by for people that have money so even investments on the sillier side are finding cash.

I think both of these are temporary and that at some point our reality must correct itself. At that point, I think we’ll see less free software. We may also see a lot more software developers looking for work as the cheap money dries up.

Having formed these assumptions, I’m giving myself a thought exercise. I think about how these changes would affect me and how I can plan for and benefit from them. It is a fun exercise and coaxes me to think in ways that I don’t in the rest of my work.

So what doesn’t make sense in your world? What do you think will happen with it and how will that affect you?