Two metaphors for how to view life: like morning rush hour traffic or like out of state highway travel.

Morning rush hour traffic is all about you wanting to get to the same place faster than everyone else. When someone cuts you off, she gets a little ahead and you get a little behind. This dynamic rewards aggressive behavior and doing what you can to ensure that no one takes what is yours.

Out of state highway travel is all about you getting to a distant destination. Some others on the roads with you might be going to the same place, but the farther the distance the less likely that is. Most of the time you are surrounded by people that are going their own way to their own destination which is different than yours. They have no incentive to slow you down or cut you off because you achieving your goal has no effect on them achieving theirs.

You can choose which life you want. You can go after the same things that everyone else does and fight your way to the top (or be out-fought and remain somewhere in the middle.) Or you can decide your own path which doesn’t involve direct competition and allows you to peacefully make your way towards the place that is right for you.

I’m choosing the second.