I’ve never been the kind to follow trends, mostly because I’ve been oblivious to them. I never knew what was the cool thing to wear so I never went to the effort to buy it and wear it. This has led me to be picked on quite a bit when I was younger, for silly things like wearing black socks to school.

Recently I realized that it is really easy to know what is trendy – simply pay attention to what people are doing. In fashion, look at what people are wearing and see the patterns. If you repeatedly see the same item or style then it is probably in fashion at that time, most likely for some reason that seems completely arbitrary and makes no sense to me. Like how black athletic socks are now trendy and white ones aren’t – the opposite of what I grew up knowing.

But I still don’t have any desire to be trendy myself. That takes a lot of effort and money and caring that I just don’t have. But I do find it interesting to observe. I can get an idea of what group a person wants to belong to by paying attention to what they wear.