I believe that every choice you make as a business should lead to the best possible customer service. If you do it right, optimizing for customer service will lead to more customers that want to work with you again. Optimizing for customer service may cost you more on the front end but those costs will be more than offset by the lower initial customer acquisition costs – you won’t have to find and convince as many customers.

It was with this same mindset that I wrote about invoicing a few weeks ago, and tonight I have more thoughts about invoicing, specifically about the costs our customers see on their invoice and more importantly, the costs they don’t see.

Our customers don’t see any itemized costs after their subtotal. If we owe sales tax or if we have shipping costs in addition to the price of our goods or services, we eat them. We do this because we don’t want our customers to be surprised by additional costs after they already had a cost in their mind. They just don’t have to worry about it.

I understand this isn’t always possible. We are fortunate that we are a small company and we only work in a small area because our accounting could be a nightmare if we tried to do this at a larger scale.

My advice is to always consider customer service when making your business decisions. Think about how you can create the best experience for your customers.