I have a fairly high threshold for absorbing new content and ideas. It is part of the reason why I’m so good at what I do because the technology world is constantly changing with new content and ideas coming at you all the time. But something about today’s WWDC got me feeling a little lost in the swirling flow of announcements.

Being overwhelmed felt strange. I don’t know if I’m getting better at telling how my body feels, if my new job flexibility let me relax more, if this event just had more going on, or if I’m just paying attention because I write about something every day, but I haven’t noticed this feeling in a long while.

The most striking part of the feeling was my brain trying to put things together in different ways. It felt as though fundamental rules might not apply anymore – like if all the sudden gravity behaved differently – and I felt my mind open up just a little bit instead of clinging to what it knows. Like it was trying to connect the dots in a new pattern.

I don’t know how much of being overwhelmed like this I can handle. Maybe once a year is just the right amount.