This week the idea of going to jail for something you believe in became much more real to me. In my mind, it is one thing to read about how people used civil disobedience and the trials they suffered decades ago and another thing to see it happening to members of your community right now. I’ve never before thought to ask myself what I would go to jail for.

I still don’t have an answer, but I’m pretty sure that fracking is not one of those things. When I read about our fellow Dentonites getting arrested for blocking the entrance to a fracking site I rationalized my lack of action. “I have bills to pay.” “I have work to do.” “They must be financially independent.”

I was just trying to let myself off the hook. What it comes down to is that I’m not as brave as they are. I’m not willing to sit in the way of a truck. I’m not willing to go to jail. I’m not willing to face who knows how much in court costs.

Those who have gone to jail for peacefully standing up for what they believe are heroes and I’m thankful they are a part of our community.