What would you think if I told you that neurons in your brain fire differently depending on which direction you are facing and that you could improve aspects of your life by facing certain directions as much as possible. Would you believe me or would you think I’m speaking hokum? Would you test your experiences or simply write the idea off and move on to finding the next item to like in your Facebook timeline?

I’m the believing and testing type. I believe because I’m smart enough to know that we as a species don’t know a whole lot about anything, and I know a whole lot less than that. I test because the risk is low and because my experience of it is what actually matters. As we know from studies of placebos, our minds are strongly influenced by suggestion and I know my mind is no different.

I listened to part of a talk(it is the fourth video, I can’t find a way to directly link to it) tonight about neurons in the thalamus that are positively influenced by facing towards the east. The lecturer suggested that we should face our heads towards the east while we sleep to amplify that positive influence in the single place we spend the most time, bed.

I’m trying it – despite the fact that it sounds a little bit out there. But I surely don’t know what I don’t know.