Throughout my work life I have worked many different jobs and excelled at most of them. I’m a team player with a strong diverse skill set and very strong work ethic. However, I’ve never had someone try to recruit me to a specific position. Even when I joined the Army, I went to the recruiter and said I wanted to sign up.

Sometimes my ego hurts a bit because of it, but in general I know I’m good at what I do so I don’t worry about it too much. I do wonder about the dynamics of it though – the whys of “Why don’t I get recruited?” and “Why does this person get recruited?”

I know in at least one situation that my friend thought I was too good for the place she worked and so she would never recommend me for it. That’s certainly flattering in a way but a pain when I am out of work. Does my skill set preclude me from some jobs because I’m overqualified? Probably.

I think another factor that weighs in this is that I haven’t been in one particular industry for more than five years and am rarely in any one position more than 18 months. I keep moving up or sideways through companies and then onto the next challenge. That doesn’t make it easy for anyone to classify me in any particular field.

I’ve also always been part of a small team or been the only person on the team. The best way to be able to recommend and recruit someone is to have worked with them before and I just haven’t worked with as many people as anyone who has worked on large teams.

So are these all just excuses? I don’t know. Have you ever recruited anyone to work for or with you? What factors influenced your decision to do so?

Either way, I’m happy about where it has led me, into doing my own thing.