I have a strong pro-individual bias. I’ve seen many issues that I could solve single-handedly that different groups of people working together have repeatedly found ways to muck up. It boggles my mind that talented people can come together and form something that is less than the sum of their parts but it keeps happening.

I’m doing a sort of heavily biased case study on this right now. A group of talented folks from Denton have gotten together to come up with a proposal to build a technological solution to solve a problem that the citizens of Denton have. I’m working with this group to help in any way I can but I also have my outside observer hat on. So far what I’ve seen has prompted a lot of continuing thought and one big question:

With these talented folk living in Denton for so long why hasn’t something like this been done before? Or has it been tried before but failed?

I intend to ask around and see what I can find out. My initial hypothesis is that these talented folk have been waiting for permission to do something and that working with a city council member is an implicit form of permission. But I don’t know exactly. I’ll keep you posted.