Yesterday I talked about a good kind of stress, a kind that serves as a fire to mold you into a different kind of person. Tonight I’m going to talk about a kind of stress that feels very similar when you’re going through it, but has a negative effect on who you are.

Stress That Makes You Angry

We all have different triggers that make us angry. Maybe you reacted to some of the things that I said I could let go of with the thought of “that would make me so angry.” I’m still struggling to understand all of my anger triggers but a couple of them are being told what to do and watching people do things in a half assed way. I don’t know why these make me angry, but they do.

I believe anger is toxic. If you’re in a situation where you are getting angry more than 10% of the time and that anger is causing you stress then you have to get out. You have to find a way to move on.

That kind of anger means that you don’t believe in some fundamental element of the situation you are in. It doesn’t mean that you are right to feel that way – there is no right or wrong in this, there is only the situation and the way you feel. Any judgments about right and wrong will only distract you.

The fundamental question comes down to “Are you angry a lot?” If yes, start planning your exit. If no, focus on the next step and keep moving forward.

I have always stayed in these kinds of stressful situations too long. I feel in my gut that they are no good for me but it is more comfortable to stay where I am rather than make effort to move elsewhere. That’s ok as long as you’re still moving forward. If you’re angry and not learning and not progressing in life then you need to get moving now.