I’m a fairly opinionated person. I’ve recently told near-strangers that I think they use too many hashtags, that their programming language of choice is awful, and that I disagree with their political positions. I feel like being opinionated is being me. I feel like I am a fairly binary person where I see many things as ones and zeros.

But another side of me wants me to be balanced. To look at both sides of an argument and see them both at the same time. I see the beauty of this perspective and that this world needs balance. I read quotes by Bruce Lee about not liking or disliking because that is the greatest cause of suffering. I don’t want to increase suffering.

But then I worry that I do the world a disservice by being the balanced me. Many times I will state both sides of an argument rather than to share my opinion. I worry that my strong opinions will overwhelm the more weakly held opinions of the people I work with. Am I hiding from the responsibility of making or influencing that decision? Am I just avoiding conflict? How much should I temper my personality?

I really don’t know. Do y’all ever think about this?